We are happy you have chosen Bennett’s for your special event.  It is our mission to make your event truly special.  Please take the time to read our policies and list of services. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your event more memorable.  Bennett’s is pleased to offer banquet services to parties of any size.  Enclosed you will find a wide variety of menu selections. We are happy to accommodate personalized menu selections at your request.


Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee your event. A 24-hour notice is required to cancel an event due to weather conditions. The non-refundable deposit may be forfeited. If you reschedule your event within 180 days, all monies will be transferred. If the weather conditions are considered severe and dangerous the deposit will be refunded. If less than 24-hour notice of weather cancellation is given, you are still obligated to pay the guarantee for your event.



All food and alcoholic beverages served in Bennett’s Banquet Hall must be provided by Bennett’s.  Exclusions may apply and will be determined at time of booking and will be written in the contract.


GUARANTEE (Head Count)

A guarantee for your event must be provided seven (7) business days prior to event, excluding holidays and weekends.  This number is not subject to reduction and charges will be made based on the guarantee. If no guarantee is provided, the projected number in the contract will be used.  Charges will be made for the guarantee or the number served, whichever is greater.  If your event is a buffet, any food not consumed will not be permitted to leave the premises.



All events must be paid seven (7) business days prior to event. If applicable, bar tab payment due at conclusion of event.  A valid credit card must be on file.  Prepayment will be based on the guarantee, any balances due for additional meals over the guarantee will be billed to the credit card in addition to any other after charges. Any additional time beyond the time contracted will be billed to the credit card at the full rate.  If payment is made less than seven (7) days prior to event, it must be made by certified or cashier’s check, credit card or cash.  If full payment for guarantee is not received prior to the event, it will be cancelled.



Space will be provided for a period of four (4) hours, beginning at the scheduled time of arrival.  If the event is extended beyond the four (4) hour limit, there will be a charge of $75 per hour. Event duration will be discussed at time of booking and will be in the written contract.  Weddings are subject to a five (5) hour duration.



The center reserves the right to inspect and control all functions – The liability for any damages will be charged to the person making the arrangements at actual repair or replacement cost.


1.     Banners may be hung with prior approval

2.     The use of scotch tape, nails, push pins, or fasteners that may cause damage is prohibited.

3.     Additional labor charges will apply to any function for which more than standard clean is required.




Please sign and date this form that you have read and agreed to all Bennett’s event policies and return this form with your deposit.


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